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Everything with a beginning has an ending

All through your life you have made decisions with your family’s best interests in mind ... providing a home, saving for college, and taking out insurance. You have prepared for tomorrow by thinking of today. Prearranging your funeral is yet another way to show your family how much you care. A funeral is probably the last thing you or your family want to think about today, but the stress can be overwhelming when making decisions regarding the specific wishes of a departed loved one. Take the time now to consider prearrangement with a Pathway prearrangement plan and your local funeral home. If you don’t, someone you love dearly will have to face these difficult decisions later, at a time of

great emotional and financial strain. The Pathway plan and your local funeral home will assist you in making emotional decisions free from the hardships of bereavement. Making your wishes known in advance will help your loved ones carry them out. Grief will not be compounded by confusion. Pathway will also allow you to arrange a funeral at today’s prices, thus avoiding escalating costs. A later financial expense can be avoided at a time when family finances might be uncertain. Because you care, you owe it to your loved ones to make the wise choice of prearranging your funeral with the right choice


Ease stress with a pre-need policy.

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The celebration of your life is an important event!

Gathering, caring, and sharing allow us to support each other and help us cope with a loss. It also further acknowledges a life has been lived and is worth remembering. When men and women of stature die, our society (the world at large) recognizes the need and value of a ceremony to commemorate their existence. Princess Diana, President Reagan, and Pope John Paul II are all examples of this fact. Ask yourself, what would it have been like if there was no ceremony? Shouldn’t your family and friends have this opportunity?

Prearrangement Plan Advantages

  • Assures your wishes are fulfilled

  • Saves family from the stress of making decisions during bereavement and having to pay for the funeral our of their savings

  • The funeral can be arranges at today's prices with payment plans to suit your needs, so the sooner you make funding plans, the less you pay

  • Makes sure funeral funds are not taken by public aid, long-term care, or illness; and money is available when it is needed.

When you're looking for a certified pre-need life insurance agent, contact Van Gilder Insurance Agency Inc. We'll help you alleviate your family's stress.

Certified Pre-Need Life Insurance


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Pekin Life Insurance Company, headquartered in Pekin, Illinois, is a member of the Pekin Insurance® group of companies. Pekin Life Insurance Company has been providing a broad range of insurance products to customers since 1965. Pekin Life Insurance Company is dedicated to offering affordable insurance protection to our policyholders. We know that behind every life insurance policy is a promise to perform, but that promise is only as good as the company that stands behind it. That’s why we focus on a conservative, well-balanced investment portfolio that places a high degree of emphasis on balancing safety, consistency, quality, and performance. With capitalization that significantly exceeds levels set by insurance regulators, Pekin Life Insurance Company is in an excellent capital position to meet our obligations to our

policyholders. Our combination of strength, experience, dedication to sound financial strategies, and firm focus on the life insurance business makes Pekin Life Insurance Company uniquely equipped to understand and serve our policyholders’ needs. Our policyholders know they can count on Pekin Life Insurance Company when they need us most.

We feel privileged to help you with a plan that will suit your needs and financial situation, along with making the process as easy and simple as possible. You can trust in our professional, friendly service. Contact us to discuss your personal situation and how Pathway from Pekin Life Insurance Company can prepare you and your family for the future.


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